Clover Hill Village Hall

Norwich Slot Car Racing

What is slot car racing! I hear you say, well if you remember racing with your Scalextric cars you will certainly love this. It’s the same principal, a model car with a guide underneath and a track with a slot where the guide goes.

But at Norwich Slot Racing Club we have a 29 metre (95 foot) wooden 4 lane track that is permanently set up and a typical lap time is around 7 seconds.

We meet every Monday evening between 6.30pm and 10pm. Practice until 7.30 when the racing starts, consisting of 4 heats per driver followed by a small break then the Finals, based upon results from the heats.

Norwich Slot Racing is a non-profit club and is open to new members from 12 years old (under 16s accompanied by adult)

Contacts: Keith 01603 748 531 or Andy 07428 255 159


01603 748 531

Clover Hill Village Hall, Humbleyard, Clover Hill, Norwich, Norfolk, NR5 9BN